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Competitive Gymnastics on the Northern Beaches

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Men’s Artistic Gymnastics, Women’s Artistic Gymnastics and Tumbling can be very impressive to watch. It is also one of the most challenging activities to pursue, both physically and psychologically. To train and compete as a gymnast you need to be passionate, dedicated and unafraid of hard work. Yet the advantages of this commitment can be highly rewarding, including;

  • Physical, such as an increase in strength, flexibility, coordination, balance, cardiovascular fitness and agility
  • An appreciation for what it means to be dedicated to something
  • Increased patience, a better sense of time management and the ability to multi-task

All of our competitive programs are by assessment or invitation only. Please contact us for more details and to enquire about booking your child in for an assessment.

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Uniform outline


GIRLS: A leotard or crop top with bike pants.
BOYS: A fitted singlet or t-shirt with gym shorts.

Please ensure your child always enters the gym with shoes, comes prepared with a drink bottle and brings all of the equipment they need to each session (hand guards, loops/gloves, thera-bands etc). During winter, ensure that your child has enough layers to stay warm during warm up and remove once training begins.


GIRLS: Club leotard, club t-shirt, club tracksuit, white socks, sneakers, neat and tidy hair style (as directed by coach), club bag.
BOYS: Club leotard, white shorts, white longs, club t-shirt, club tracksuit, white socks, sneakers, club bag.

Training Timetables

Women’s Artistic Gymnastics

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Men’s Artistic Gymnastics

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