Farewell Halle!

29 Nov

This year we farewell Halle our Level 6 gymnastics coached by Monika as she concludes her gymnastics career.

Halle was a great contribution to the NNAOG family and will be missed dearly. We hope to see Halle in the future as a coach or judge. Below we acknowledge some of Halle’s highlights throughout her career.

2017 Level 4 Member of Team Champions
2018 Level 5NSW State Championship (individuals) – Member of winning City team in City vs CountryNSW State Club Championship – 6th overall, team captainNational Clubs Carnival – Team 6th on bars, 12th overall, team captain
2019 Level 6NSW State Championship (individuals) – 4th overallNSW State Club Championship – 1st overall, team captainNational Clubs Carnival – 2nd bars, floor, 5th overall, team captain

“Halle is a great girl who showed an incredible passion for gymnastics and every time worked her best on each training. Halle was the team captain of the team in 2018 and 2019 and really stood up and was a great example and supporter in the team.” – Coach Monika

Thank you Halle! We will miss you.