11 Nov

On Father’s Day weekend, 2019 our Level 1-4 WAG athletes travelled to Newcastle to compete in the BGA Invitational. The BGA competition includes two forms of competition/testing they not only judge the gymnasts routines on the four WAG apparatus but they also include physical preparation testing which includes strength and flexibility. They have a colour-banded system that ranges from pink (0-5 points) to white, blue/green, bronze, silver, gold (25-30 points).

We started on Saturday with the Level 1-2 competition. We had the following girls enter in this competition for 2019: Sophie, Hazel, Abigail, Claudia, Scarlet, Elyssa, Marla, Jaan and Harley.

These girls received the following physical preparation bandings:
White Award – Harley
Blue Award – Marla and Scarlett
Bronze Award – Elyssa, Sophie, Claudia and Jaan
Silver Award – Hazel and Abigail

For their routines the girls also received colour-banded awards based on their performance with the system ranging from pink (needs improvement), white (good), red (very good), and the top award is blue (excellent). The girls results were as follows:
4 blue awards: Sophie
3 blue and 1 red: Abigail and Hazel
2 blue, 2 red: Claudia and Jaan
1 blue, 2 red, 1 white: Elyssa
3 reds and 1 white: Scarlett and Harley
2 Reds and 2 White: Marla
These results are wonderful to see, it was also lovely to see the girls all supporting one another and having fun doing gymnastics.

On Sunday we had our Level 3 and 4 athletes competing. We had all of our current level 3-4 athletes attend this event which includes: Ivy, April, Indiana, Molly, Alba, Sofia, Teaghan, Gwenni, Ella, Mica and Mahli.

These girls received the following physical preparation bandings:
Pink Award – April and Ivy
White Award – Molly and Teaghan
Blue/Green Award- Mahli, Sofia, Alba and Gwenni
Bronze Award – Mica
Silver Award – Indiana and Ella

In the regular levels competition, the girls received awards from 1st to 10th place for each of the four apparatus as well as overall.

In Level 3 Junior we had the following results from Indiana, Ivy and April:
Vault Indiana 1st
Bars Indiana 1st, April 4th
Beam Indiana 1st
Floor Indiana 3rd
Overall Indiana 1st, April 7th

In Level 3 Intermediate (Molly) and Senior (Alba) we had the following results:
Vault – Molly 3rd and Alba 3rd
Bars – Alba 2nd and Molly 3rd
Beam – Molly 8th
Floor – Alba 5th and Molly 6th
Overall – Alba 2nd Overall, Molly 4th Overall

In Level 4 we had Mica and Gwenni competing in the Junior category and Teaghan, Sofia, Mahli and Ella competing in the Intermediate/Senior category. They received the following results:
Vault – Sofia 1st, Gwenni 2nd, Ella 7th
Bars – Gwenni 8th, Mica 9th, Mahli 9th, Ella 10th
Beam – Sofia 1st, Mahli 3rd, Teaghan 8th
Floor – Sofia 6th, Mahli 10th
Overall – Sofia 3rd, Mahli 7th, Gwenni 8th

Congratulations girls on these fantastic results. We look forward to seeing everyone working hard in the gym on their physical prep for when we return to BGA in 2020!

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