11 Nov

The level 3-4 athletes from gyms around the Northern Region of Sydney was held at Epping YMCA on the 25th of August. This event is the qualification event for these athletes to be selected to competed at the State Championships with the top 40 Level 3s and top 40 Level 4’s being selected to represent the region.

In Level 3 we had four competitors: Indiana, Ivy, Molly and April.
In Level 3 Junior, Indiana placed 1st on Vault, Bars, Beam and Floor. Ivy placed 2nd on Vault, 2nd on Bars and 5th on Floor. April placed 3rd on Bars. Overall Indiana received a Gold, Ivy received a Silver and April received a Bronze.

In Level 3 Senior, Molly placed 1st on Vault, Beam and Floor and 2nd on Bars. She also received a Gold Overall.

We had 6 competitors in Level 4: Sofia, Mahli, Ella, Teaghan, Gwenni and Mica.
In Level 3 Junior Sofia placed 1st on Vault, 1st on Beam and 6th on Floor. Gwenni placed 2nd on Vault, 6th on Bars and 4th on Beam. Mica placed 2nd on Bars and Beam. Teaghan placed 5th on Vault and Bars and 2nd on Floor. Overall Sofia and Gwenni received Gold Awards and Mica and Teaghan received Silver awards.

In Level 4 Senior Ella placed 1st on Beam, 6th on Vault and 6th on Bars. Mahli placed 3rd on Bars and Floor. Overall both girls received Silver Awards.

We will find out tomorrow whether the girls have qualified to compete at the State Championships or the State Challenge for 2019.