11 Nov

Level 4 State Championships was held at Rooty Hill SGAC on the weekend of October 12-13th, 2019. We had 5 gymnasts selected to represent the Northern Region to compete at this event which included: Sofia Roperti, Teaghan Ford, Gwenni Trew, Mahli Harding and Mica Spencer.

Based on their ranking from the regional qualifier, the girls were selected into different teams with the region being allowed to send 9 teams of 5 gymnasts to this event. The gymnasts would compete individually to receive their colour-coded awards as well as in the team competition to try to place in the top three to receive a medal.

The colour-coded system is as follows:
9.5 – 10.0 is a blue award
9.0 – 9.49 is a red award
8.5 – 8.99 is a green award
8.0 – 8.49 is a yellow award
7.9 or less is an orange award

Overall colour-banding:
Gold is a 36.0 or higher
Silver is a 34.0 or higher
Bronze is 33.9 or less

Sofia was selected to Team 4 which (based on random selection) was in the first session of the weekend on Saturday. She had a wonderful performance with no major errors and exceptional performances on the Floor, Vault and Beam. Her team placed 4th overall for that session, just missing out on a top 3 placing and Sofia earned herself a Gold Award Overall!

We were back again on Sunday morning with Teaghan in Team 7. She performed well on all of the apparatus with great scores on Vault and Bars and just one error on the beam. Her team placed 1st overall for that session and Teaghan earned herself a Gold Award overall!

Next up was Gwenni in Team 1 and Mahli and Mica in team 3. All 3 girls had a great competition with no errors and wonderful scores across all 4 events each. Gwenni’s team placed second in this session and Mahli and Mica’s team placed 1st! All 3 girls earned themselves Gold Awards Overall!

The girls received the following colours for their apparatus efforts:

Sofia: Vault Red, Bars Green (8.950), Beam Red, Floor Red.

Teaghan: Vault Red, Bars Red, Beam Green (8.783 with a fall), Floor Green (8.950).

Gwenni: Vault Red, Bars Green (8.950), Beam Green, Floor Red

Mica: Vault Green (8.900), Bars Red, Beam Red, Floor Red

Mahli: Vault Red, Bars Red, Beam Red, Floor Red

Congratulations to all of our competitors on their efforts!