11 Nov

On the weekend of the 26th – 27th of October, 2019 the NSW Junior Levels State Championships was held at Rooty Hill, SGAC including boys Level 1-6 and Masters.

We had 6 boys compete in this event including: Byron, Quinn, Sam, Charlie, Mate and Max.

Charlie and Mate competed on Saturday in Level 5 Under. Mate placed 11th Overall including 10th on Floor, 7th on pommel, 12th on rings, 8th on vault, 9th on p-bars and 14th on high bar. Charlie placed 13th including 13th on Floor and Pommel, 9th on Rings, 11th on Vault, 12th on P-bars and 10th on High Bar.

Also on Saturday was Max in Level 6 Open. He placed 9th Overall including 13th on Floor, 6th on Pommel, 5th on Rings, 9th on Vault, 6th on P-bars and 12th on High bar.

On Sunday morning was our youngest competitors, Byron and Quinn competing in Level 3 Open. Byron placed 8th overall at his first State Championships including 19th on Floor, 16th on Pommel, 4th on Rings, 18th on Vault, 5th on P- bars and 5th on High Bar. Quinn placed 22nd Overall including 37th on Floor, 29th on Pommel, 17th on Rings, 9th on Vault, 12th on P-bars and 26th on High Bar.

Sam was our last competitor of the weekend, competing in Level 4 Open. He was named the Runner-up State Champion for 2019 with the following results on the apparatus: 2nd on Floor, 7th on Pommel, 2nd on Rings, 12th on Vault, 2nd on P-bars and 2nd on High Bar.

Congratulations to all of our MAG competitors on their efforts across the 2019 competition season. We looking forward to seeing your progressions towards 2020!!