My Nationals Experience – Annalyse’s 2017 Australian Gymnastics Championships

14 Jun

North Narrabeen Academy of Gymnastics is very proud of Annalyse and all her achievements at the Australian Gymnastics Championships!

Read how exciting the experience was for her!

Annalyse Nationals

After years of hard work and persistence I had finally accomplished my goal of making the NSW team and was heading to Melbourne for the Australian Gymnastics Championships. When I arrived in Melbourne I met up with my 7 teammates and got ready for a group training session. It was so exciting because the beam and some of the other equipment we trained on was the actual equipment from the 2016 Rio Olympics.

The next day was the day of our team competition. We all got ready and had breakfast together. This was a really nice time to bond with each other and we were able to keep each other calm before the comp. When we arrived at the Hisense arena we were all so excited. There were bright lights, a massive audience and big screens around the arena. It felt like we were about to compete at a major event like the commonwealth games or Olympics. I was the very first gymnast to compete and we started on bars, my favourite apparatus. I competed a solid routine and everyone cheered for me. It was really nice to have so much encouragement from my teammates and coaches. I was very happy with how I competed that day, as they were some of my best routines. That day our team won 2nd place for the team event. I also qualified for finals (individual competition), which meant I was in the top 32.

2 days after was the individual competition. For this competition we could wear any leotard we wanted so I chose to wear my North Narrabeen club leotard. I competed well however I did slightly better the first day. It was still a fun competition and it was very cool to see everyone’s personal leotards.

My results were 17th all around, 10th vault, 13th bars, 14th beam and 23rd floor. I was very happy with how I went, as this was my first Nationals ever.

One of my favourite parts about this trip was getting to watch the senior international gymnasts compete. They really inspired me and I hope that one day I will be competing similar routines.

It was such an incredible experience and I hope I get to go again next year. I met so many amazing people and it was a great opportunity to work with some great coaches. Thank you to everyone at the gym for all of your support, especially to my coach Josh for getting me there.

-Annalyse Graham

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