11 Nov

Between the 23rd and 28th of September 2019, some of our Level 5-6 WAG athletes participated in the Australian National Clubs Carnival at the Gold Coast Leisure Centre.

Our level 6 team consisted of the following members: Halle, Alice, Maya, Zoe, Ruby, Kate.

Our level 5 team consisted of the following members: Bella, Nicola, Lauren, Isobel, Violette and Riley.

All gymnasts were to compete over two days of competition, with competitors on day 1 being randomly assigned one of three divisions to compete in: Sand, Surf or Hinterland. Our level 6 girls were assigned to Sand for day 1. The top 7 teams per division after day 1 were selected to compete in Sand on day 2 which was the “finals”. Only teams competed in the finals were eligible for awards after day 2 of competition. Our level 6’s had a great day 1 of competition, they were all a bit nervous but competed in a very composed and professional manner, earning themselves a position in finals for day 2 along with 19 other teams from the original 46 teams!

Under Monika’s guidance, all 6 team members performed extremely consistently on day 2. All of the girls did their part for the team and supported one another throughout the event. Once finished the girls had to wait for one more session of finalist before presentation would begin. The top 4 qualifiers competed in this final rotation including: Delta Brisbane, Lawnton Academy, Maroochy Beach and Waverley. Our levels 6 girls stayed to watch these teams as they waiting for their presentation to begin. All 4 of these teams performed excellent gymnastics however we knew that our girls had done an excellent job as well and could have a chance of receiving an award.

Our level 6 teams received the following results at presentation: National Clubs 2019 – Level 6
2nd on Bars, 4th on Beam, 2nd on Floor and 5th Overall!!!!! Everyone was so excited and absolutely thrilled with these results. This was our top result at National Clubs to date and our first time placing in the top 6 overall!

The next morning was the start of the Level 5 competition. Level 5 is always the biggest division with 66 teams and over 500 competitors! Our girls were assigned to compete in Hinterland on day 1 of competition, starting on the beam. Starting on beam is always tough and the girls had a bit of a shaky start to competition with some errors in their routines. Apart from a problem with one of the girls on Vault, they began to settle into the competition a bit more once they performed their floor routines and the rest of the competition was smooth from that point on. They did not know what to expect with the other teams from Hinterland but after their session they found that they were sitting in the top 3 qualifiers from this division. The girls went back to their hotels to relax for the remainder of the day whilst the remainder of the 5 sessions of competition concluded. We had to wait until 8:15pm that night to find out the remainder of the results from day 1 and whether our team would be competing in finals or not.

We were super excited to find out that they had made it to finals in the third session of the day! What a great achievement to be selected in to the top 22 teams out of 66.

The girls displayed some awesome gymnastics on day 2 with some excellent scores and support for one another. They worked as a team and even though they were still a couple of hiccups here and there, we were extremely proud of them and the girls were all very happy with their last competition of the year.

Our level 5 team received the following results at National Clubs 2019: 8th on Beam, 9th on Bars, 10th on Floor and 12th Overall! Out of 66 teams, our girls were in the top 10 for 3 out of the 4 apparatus and funnily enough our level 5’s last year placed 12th as well which is a happy coincidence.

This concludes the competition season for our level 5-7 athletes for 2019! We hope all of the girls enjoy their week off training and are excited to start to learn some new skills for 2020 and beyond.