Squad Presentation Event 2017

15 Dec

On the 9th of December 2017, North Narrabeen Academy of Gymnastics held our first ever presentation evening for the club. The sunny afternoon organised by Rebecca Van Gils and Jason Semeniuk ran fantastically with our gymnasts and their families joining our competitive program coaches down at Billarong Reserve for an award ceremony and a delicious barbeque to wrap it up.

Our award ceremony began at around 5pm when all of our families arrived. Awards were given to our junior, intermediate, senior and men’s overall champions, based off the gymnasts top 2 scores from the 2017 competition season.

Within the Junior (Level 1-2) division we had Indiana Passlow in 1st, Teaghan Ford in 2nd, Gwennie Trew in 3rd, Poppy Finch in 4th, Kacey Keown in 5th and Olive Finch in 6th. These girls did exceptional in receiving the top 6 spots of point scoring out of 16 girls within our WAG Level 1 and 2. Our “Most improved” gymnast for our Juniors was Olive Finch from Level 2, well deserved Olive!

Within our Intermediate girls (Level 3-5) division Lauren Turner took 1st overall followed by Jasmine Bennetts in 2nd, Jasmine Kibble in 3rd, Violette Erlenwein in 4th, Charlotte Austin in 5th and Isobel Blee in 6th place. Brooke Lawson from Level 4 took the “Most Improved” award from our Intermediate WAG gymnasts.

In our Senior division (Level 6-10) Annalyse Graham took 1st overall, Macy Melrose in 2nd, Maddeline Roddick in 3rd, Amy Patrickin 4th, Ariana Zedack in 5th and Emmelia Badenhorst in 6th place. Our “Most improved” award went to Annalyse Graham. This award was defiantly well deserved as Annalyse worked her way to make it in representing NSW in the Australian Gymnastics National Championships, we have many of our younger gymnasts defiantly looking up to her as inspiration, keep it up Annalyse, were very proud!

Our MAG program defiantly grew over the year of 2017. We went from 6 to now 16 men’s gymnasts representing North Narrabeen Academy of Gymnastics, with that we also welcomed Max and Ben Holmes to join our team here at NNAOG. Our first place winner for our boys was Ryan Takayasu, Christian Cullen in 2nd, Lucas Kropman in 3rd, Bob Moran in 4th, Max Mchugh in 5th and Billy Austin in 6th. Our “Most improved” gymnast in our MAG went to Zander Slade.

Jasmine Bennetts took out our first ever North Narrabeen “Spirit” Award. This award was based on the NNAOG member who stood out to our team showing qualities such as respect and support to other team members, the respect she showed to her coaches as well as other coaches. The 100% effort she performed within every training session and competition, this was a well deserving win for Jasmine and we are very proud of all her efforts she has shown this year as a member of North Narrabeen Academy of Gymnastics.

Josh Holmes won our “Coach of the Year” award. Josh has been with us for a very long time now, coaching gymnasts who are now our coaches, the success he has had with his gymnasts both past and present is outstanding. Josh is very talented at his coaching abilities and is a very valued member of NNAOG.

The “Volunteer” Award winner this year was Michael Digby. Michael volunteered a lot of his time into the gym, building shelves for storage for things such as weights, chalk, bands and the gymnasts loop bags. Michael also built some of our gym equipment such as the boys bucket that helps them progress their circles for the mushroom.

Rebecca Van Gils, our “Squad Program Manager” picked up the award for the “Judge of the Year” for 2017. Rebecca gave up many of her weekends to represent NNAOG, judging and volunteering at competitions from Level 1’s all the way to Level 10. Not only did Rebecca give up her time but she guided some of our coaches in what to do at competitions as it was their first year taking girls to competitions. These coaches are very grateful for this and we hope she is aware of that!

The event really was a fantastic way to celebrate 2017. It was terrific having the chance to chat with everyone and for parents from different squads or new squad members to get to know one another.  Many thanks to our gym dads for helping with cooking on the barbeque, we definitely wouldn’t have been able to feed all the hungry mouths without you legends!

We are so proud of all our gymnast’s achievements in the year 2017, you all play such a big part in the foundation of our new club and we are all so proud of each of you. We are very excited to continue the tradition of hosting future presentation evenings, filled with future NNAOG members and celebrating the success of our club. We cannot wait to see what our gymnasts achieve within the year of 2018.