11 Nov

On the weekend of the 6th – 8th of September NNAOG sent 5 teams of athletes to compete in the State Clubs Championships.

Macy and Annalyse started off the competition competing as part of a mixed club team for the Level 10 competition. They were put together with Jessica from Carringbah, Deanna from Australian Academy and Ella and Maddy from Infinity. The girls also had the team from PLC competing alongside them in their rotation and all of the girls supported one another throughout the event and made some new friends as well. At the beginning of the competition, Annalyse was asked to read the gymnasts oath to open the weekends competition. She was hesitant at first but did a beautiful job and we were very proud to have one of our gymnasts chosen for this honour. The mixed team was very successful, placing 2nd Overall behind Sydney Academy. They also received 1st place on bars, 2nd on vault, 4th on Floor and 6th on Beam.

On Saturday morning we started with our Level 8 team. Unfortunately due to illness and injury Jasmine and Jazzy both had to pull out of the competition so we had a team of three with Emmelia, Kristina and Rebecca. The girls had a couple of errors across the competition but all showed some excellent gymnastics across the event and gained some great competition experience. They placed 4th on Vault, 5th on Bars, 7th on Floor, 8th on Beam and 8th overall.

Our Level 6 Division 1 team competed next. There were two sessions of Level 6 division 1 competitors all competing against each other for the title. Our girls were in the first of two sessions. The team consisted of Kate, Ruby, Maya, Alice, Halle and Zoe. They had a really good competition with some amazing scores but had to wait until the end of the next session to find out their results. The second session had some very strong teams in it and the girls had to be patient and wait to see what their results would be. At the end of the second session we had a good feeling about our results and the calculation on the tv announced that after both sessions our girls remained in 1st place overall!!! The girls lead the way to march out for presentation and were very excited that they knew the overall result but not any of the apparatus awards. They were announced to have placed 1st on Bars, 2nd on Vault, 2nd on Beam and 2nd on Floor and the 2019 Level 6 Overall Champion Team!

On Sunday we had our Level 5 teams competing. First up was our Division 2 team which included Amelia, Isobel and Riley. For Izzy and Amelia it was their first State event of the year and they were extremely excited but definitely had some butterflies before they started. They had an excellent competition with some of their best scores all year and were leading the competition until the very last apparatus. Unfortunately we had two errors on bars which meant our score was a little lower on that apparatus but were still in first. It came down to the last girl on Floor from Evolve who scored a huge 9.585 to overtake our girls placing them in Second Overall for their session. At presentation they also received 1st on Vault, 5th on Bars and 3rd on Beam and Floor. This was an absolutely wonderful result from the girls particularly as they were a team of three which is the hardest to do well as you have no back up scores to rely on, every score counts!

Our last team for the weekend was our Level 5 Division 1 team including Violette, Lauren, Nicola and Bella. They competed in the second of three Level 5 Division 1 sessions which saw 27 clubs competing against each other. Our girls did not have the best vault scores on the day which was tough as there were some clubs performing some very high scoring vaults. They picked it up from that point on with wonderful performances on the Beam, Bars and Floor, scoring some very good scores! At the end of the second session they were sitting 6th overall but had to wait for the third session to conclude. A big thank you to all of the Level 6 girls and their families that stayed out at Rooty Hill an extra night and day just to go and support our level 5’s. We had such a great cheer squad in the stands and it really helped our level 5’s to compete to their very best abilities! That is exactly the type of team effort we value at NNAOG!

After the third session had concluded the girls all went and lined up for presentation. We had seen on the score board that our girls placed 8th overall after all of the competitions had finished and we were so happy with that result! The standard shown by all teams in Division 1 was exceptional and we are very proud of our girls to be 8th overall! The girls were also awarded 2nd place on Beam, 7th on Bars and 10th on Floor out of all 27 teams!

I want to say a big thank you to Josh and Monika for dedicating their time over the weekend to help our girls and thank you to all parents who took time out of their weekend to come and support team NNAOG! We couldn’t do it without you!