Summer Summer Training Camp 2018

14 Feb

On the 20th of January 2018 North Narrabeen Academy of Gymnastics held our 3rd Squad Summer Training Camp that is open for all our boys and girls from levels 1-10.

The camp consisted of activities such as two training sessions that ran for 3 hours each, swims at North Narrabeen pool, a sleepover, team building challenges, a picnic at Lake Park and a morning run to North Narrabeen Headland for our senior gymnasts (level 4 and above).

The camp kicked off with a training session for all our gymnasts hosted by coaches, Mark Forrest, Jason Semeniuk, Ben Holmes, Josh Holmes, Monika Pinkavova, and Rachael Dickie. With Mark Forrest focused on Uneven bars and High bar with our gymnast’s, Ben Holmes on tumbling, Jason Semeniuk working Tumbling Basics, Josh Holmes at Vault and circles on mushrooms with the boys, Rachael Dickie at Beam acro and Monika Pinkavova with Floor posture and dance.  We had some new skill achievements in this session with a big congratulations to Jasmine Bennetts (training level 7 for 2019) and Sienna Sutton (level 5) on achieving their kips on Bars, Justin Takayasu (level 8) on his Handspring full twist on Floor and Sofia and Mahli (level 3) achieving cartwheels on Beam.

After all the kids had finished their session and lunch, we all walked to North Narrabeen Pool with some of our gymnasts kayaking over to join us with the assistance of coach Alexa for an afternoon swim. All the girls swam, played games in the pool and collected shells with coaches, Rebecca, Rachael, Rylee, Alexa and Brehna while the boys joined Jason at the beach playing cricket.

We all made our way back to the gym for the kids to have some afternoon tea and complete another training session with coaches Rebecca Van Gils focusing on Beam dance, Jason Semeniuk at Vault, Rylee Morton with Trampoline focus, Brehna Williams with Flexibility, Alexa Collins on back tumbling and Monika Pinkavova with body shapes and handstand focus. This training was a little more relaxed as we could start to see some exhausted faces from the swim earlier. However, once we announced it was time to build their sleeping arrangements the mood was brought back up to 100% and it was very funny to see the chaos commence.

Once the forts where created the kids began to get ready for bed while we waited ‘patiently’ for pizza to arrive for dinner (lucky bunch they are!). We ended day 1 with the movie ‘The Pacifier’ and eventually all the kids began to head to bed.

Day 2 began with an 8:30am run for our Senior gymnasts (levels 4-10) to North Narrabeen Headland with coaches Jason and Monika while our Juniors stayed back at the gym and played some fun games with coaches Rylee and Rachael. Once our seniors returned all the kids had breakfast while the coaches set up the team building challenges for the morning.

The teams were mixed with boys and girls from levels 1-10 as this gave a fantastic opportunity for all gymnasts to get to know everyone as well as working together to earn points for their teams. There were seven challenges for the teams to complete which included an Agility course, Balance challenge, Abdominal strength challenge, Handstand walking obstacle course, Survivor race through the pit, Blind- fold egg and spoon challenge and a game of stick on the trampoline. In the end we had Group 2 which consisted of Kristina, Teaghan, Will, Indianna and Hannah take out first place, great team work guys!

After the challenges we all made our way across the road to Lake Park to have a picnic and play on the equipment as well as a swim at the beach just in front of Lakeside Caravan Park.

To wrap up day 2 coaches formed groups to each create a display for the parents once they all arrived for pick up at 6:30pm. We had our Level 8-10 and our Level 4 girls as a group, our MAG boys as a group, Level 2/3’s with our Level 7 girls together and our Level 1 and 5’s together (all the beautiful performances are on our Facebook Page).

This camp was a tremendous success and we were so happy to see so many of our competitive gymnast’s participate over the weekend as well as our lovely coaches who gave up their weekend to make sure the kids had the most enjoyable experience possible. We can not wait for our next Squad Training Camp which will be held in Winter 2018.