Time To Shine Summer Review

12 Dec

Director’s Review

I cant say enough how impressed I was with all participants performances over the afternoons sessions involving gymnasts aged from 5 – 14! It was so wonderful to see all children getting in and doing their very best, cheering and supporting one another then leaving with a big smile on their face.

How can I leave out the parents, thank you all for being such amazing supportive parents (I’m sure your hands were sore by the end of your session from all the clapping). Without you all, we wouldn’t have the growing supportive community that we are striving to achieve in our gymnastics centre which I am ever so grateful for!

A big congratulations to Blake our FitNastics Manager who’s timeless hours that he spends here has shone through with such an awesome event. The amount of gymnasts that participated but also how smoothly the competition ran it shows how much you want these kids to be in the gym doing what they love so much!

Once again thank you all for your support and I look forward to the next ‘Time to Shine’ and many more exciting things to be happening around our wonderful facility!

FitNastics Review

Time To Shine has come and gone once again with 135 kids compete across 3 sessions. All the gymnasts did a fantastic job despite being quite nervous, for some it was the first time they have been in any sort of competition.

On each gymnast’s certificate they were given a coloured sticker for each apparatus with it representing the score. The colours were as followed:

Blue 9.5>

Red 9.0-9.49

Green 8.0-8.99

Pink 7.9 >

Session 1

Our first session began with our youngest FitNastics kids in our Junior Fundamentals and Girls Gym Pros programs.

In Junior Fundamentals the children were tested on several different skills in a circuit and were given a coloured sticker on the back of their certificate which represented a score out of 5 for each skill.

The colours were:

  • Blue – 5
  • Red – 4
  • Green – 3
  • Pink – 1 or 2

All the gymnasts did a fantastic job, and all went home with a medal and a certificate.

In our Girls Gym Pros division we gave away trophies for our overall placings. It was a super close competition with all children walking away with a participation medal and a certificate with our overall placing receiving a trophy who included:

1st Overall – Portia Wright

2nd Overall – Kaiya Freedman

3rd Overall – Siena Turcato

Well done to all the boys and girls in our first session for a great start to the competition.

Session 2

For our 2nd session we had 2 divisions competing, our Girls Gym Champs and Girls Gym Aces. There was a high level of gymnastics in both divisions with many girls showing lots of improvement since our winter event!

The scoring was completed the same as our Girls Gym Pros and the results were as followed:

Girls Champs:

1st Ava Rose Wright

2nd Ava Neary

3rd Jade Wright

Girls Aces:

1st Ruby Trew

2nd Lucy Maclennan

3rd Laurie Bronsveld

A big congratulations to all the girls who competed in our 2nd session, it was fantastic to see so many smiling faces and some great gymnastics.

Session 3

In our 3rd and final session we had our competitive Junior Development gymnasts, Advanced Fitnastics, Girls Gym Masters and Boys Gym Masters.

These were some of our smaller divisions for the day for out FitNastics gymnasts, but the quality of gymnastics was still at a high level. The results were as follows:

Advanced FitNastics:

1st India Pollard

2nd Maya Boffey

Girls Masters

1st Camila Teles

2nd Ruby Mccoll Gardner

3rd Madeline Bailey

Boys Masters

1st Lachlan Wade

2nd Luka Botham

3rd Riley Mcshane

It was a great competition by all our FitNastics and competitive gymnasts and a big thank you to all the coaches who worked throughout the day with nothing less of a smile to help the competition run smoothly.

Junior Development Review

It was our pre-levels boys and pre-levels girls first ever competition after training hard this past year and they all did an amazing job! In our boy’s division we had 6 competitors entered: Benjamin Fawle, Wes Gill, Oliver Hooper, Zander Masselos, Monty Pellett and Thomas Tuinman. The boys went around the 6 Olympic apparatus with their coach Mitchell Binding demonstrating routines designed based on the Australian Levels Program routines. At the conclusion of the event Thomas Tuinman came out in first overall, Benjamin Fawle in second place and Wes Gill placed third. This was our first group of Junior Development boys to compete at our Time to Shine and we are excited for the boys to begin external competitions as of 2019!

In our girl’s division we had 3 different levels of gymnasts, Pre-levels, Level 1 and Level 2. These gymnasts finished their external competitions for the year as of the end of Term 3 and have spent the past term beginning to learn the skills required for next year. Their routines for Time to Shine were designed to include some of their new skills as well as development steps towards learning the more complex skills. The pre-levels gymnasts had never competed before and were all very excited but also a little bit nervous in front of the big crowd of parents. We had 6 gymnasts compete in this division: Harley Hrobat, Olive Lind, Sienna Marsh, Claudia Colreavy, Willow Cavanaugh and Jaan Gorasia. They demonstrated the skills they are required to do for Level 1 of the Australian Levels Program and did a very good job for their first event. Claudia Colreavy placed first overall, Jaan Gorasia came in second place and Harley Hrobat was third overall.

Our Level 1 division was our largest division with 12 gymnasts competing in this level. These girls had competed in Level 1 all year so for this competition they performed routines based off the Level 2 curriculum from Gymnastics Australia. All girls were able to perform their upgraded skills and enjoyed performing for their families and friends. Overall Hazel Crisp placed first overall, Elyssa Mesias placed second and Sophie Journeaux was third overall. All gymnasts performed beautifully, and we are very proud of them for being able to compete their Level 2 skills.

In the Level 2 division at Time to Shine we had 3 competitors Molly Kirkham, Indiana Passlow and Alba Carter. Having finished competing Level 2 a couple of months ago these girls have moved up into our compulsory level’s squads, training alongside some of our Level 4 gymnasts. We designed routines that included some of the skills required for Level 3 as well as some drills and exercises to help them to learn the level 3 skills. We were very impressed with the way these girls performed, acting very professionally throughout the event, being excellent role models for the younger athletes. All three girls demonstrated how hard they have been working this term and their coach Alexa was very proud of their efforts! Indiana placed 1st overall, Molly came in second and Alba was third overall. Great job girls!

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