Time To Shine – Winter 2017 Review

15 Jul
Another Term has come and gone just like that and what a Term it has been. With our wonderful FitNastics boys and girls and Junior Development girls working hard all term crafting their routines on each apparatus. It was fantastic to see all their hard work pay off at our “Time to Shine” competition on Saturday.19490222_10209631296445834_557599325_oSession 1
In Session 1 we saw our Junior Fun, Girls Masters and Girls Aces open the competition. Our Junior Fun athletes were judged on skills they have been working on throughout the Term. They received a coloured sticker based on how well they performed the skill.
Blue- They completed the skill independently to a good/very good standard.
Red- They completed the skill independently to a satisfactory standard. May be a few small errors.
Green- They did not complete the skill independently. Needed extra help/spot.
Pink- They did not complete the skill independently. They had major errors or did a different version of the skill.
At the end of the session every participant received a medal and their certificate for their outstanding performances. It was fantastic to see each child leave with a smile on their face.
In our Girls masters and Girls Aces competition the girls competed a set routine on Bars, Beam, Floor and Vault. They all received a coloured sticker based on their performance for each apparatus.
Blue – 9.5>
Red – 9.0-9.49
Green – 8.0-8.99
Pink- <7.9
In our Girls Masters Competition, Amy Kiddle took out 1st place, Hayley Yong came 2nd overall and Maya Boffey rounded out the top 3. All participants had a fantastic competition and went home with a medal for their efforts on the day.
In our Girls Aces Competition, Rachelle Chen went home in 1st place, Alice Townsend 2nd and Nina Collins in 3rd. Well done to all girls who competed in Aces it was awesome to see the improvements made over just 1 term of learning the routines!19478323_10154632780721497_1807951329_oSession 2
Session 2 saw all our male athletes and our Girls Pros warming up for the biggest session of the event.
As we only had 4 boys compete they all competed against each other doing the individual routines from their class. They had a fantastic competition and it’s great to see their hardwork pay off. Dylan Hamilton place 1st overall, Finn Anft in 2nd place, Nash Williams in 3rd and Luke Howlett in 4th. Well done to the Boys for a fantastic competition.
In our Girls Pros Competition, our largest individual class for the occasion, there were some very high scores and it was super close! It’s great to see so much enthusiasm from our younger gymnasts. In the end, it was Olivia Zedack who was the victor in 1st place, Indi Griffiths in 2nd and we couldn’t split the difference in 3rd place with Gabriela Andrijic and Jasmine Baak.19238619_10154632916271497_711018875_oSession 3
In our 3rd and final session it was our Girls Champs and our Level 1 and 2 Junior Development girls turn.
For our Level 1 girls it was their first competition and you could see how excited they were. After a brilliant performance by all, it was Indiana Passlow in 1st place, Kacey Keown came in 2nd and Frankie Routledge came home in 3rd.
For our Level 2 girls it was their 2nd of the year. After a tough competition, it was Gwennie Trew who came out on top taking 1st place, Mica Spencer in 2nd and Sofia Roperti in 3rd. Well done to all our Junior Development girls on a fantastic competition.
In our Girls Champs competition, it was another big field with almost 40 kids competing. After it was all said and done it was Olivia Vartuli who came away with the 1st Place prize, Mia Greves came in 2nd and in 3rd place was Ava Rose Wright. Well done to all the champs girls.
Overall it was amazing to see all the gymnast showing off their routines that they have be working so hard on this term. To the Judges, family and friends thank you for all of your continual support and we all look forward to seeing some more outstanding performances in our Summer “Time To Shine” event in Term 4.19551775_10155588333039917_352684197_oBlake Rogan
FitNastics Supervisor