Time To Shine Winter Edition

29 Jun

Director’s Review

What a day, over 140 competitors spread throughout three sessions! All involved had such an amazing time with all participants leaving with a certificate, participation medal and a sausage sizzle.

It was great to see so many smiling faces from participants and parents. Each session had the viewing area packed with a buzz of excitement for what was to come from the competition itself.

I would like to thank all people involved, all parents who have shown constant support and even volunteered to help run this event for NNAOG, my staff for running such a fantastic event and all of who donated to the raffles as this was very kind and generous of you all.

FitNastic’s Report

Session 1

Our winter “Time To Shine” kicked off with our youngest and oldest FitNastics children. We had our Junior Fundamentals, Girls Aces, Girls Masters and Advanced FitNastics divisions.

Junior Fundamentals

Our Junior Fundamentals kids were tested on 8 separate skills they have been working on throughout the term. At the end of the session the children were given a participation medal and a certificate which had coloured stickers on the back to represent their score out of 5.

The coloured stickers were as followed:

Blue – 5

Red – 4

Green – 3

Pink – 2 or 1

It was fantastic to see all the gymnasts compete with a smile and rewarded for their hard efforts throughout the term.

Girls Gym Aces

In our Girls Aces division there were 11 girls who competed who all the girls did a fantastic job!

At the end of the session we held a presentation for our overall placings. With less then half a mark between 1st and 3rd, the results were as followed:

1st Place – Cleo Westley

2nd Place – Nina Collins

3rd Place – Betty Rose-Watts

Congratulations to all the girls who competed in our Girls Gym Aces competition for Time to Shine Winter 2018 and we hope to see you all again at our next Time To Shine competition.

Girls Gym Masters

Our Girls Masters division for winter 2018 was our smallest division with only 4 girls competing. With only .1 of a mark separating 1st and 2nd it was also our closest division of the day. The winners for our Girls Masters were as followed:

1st Place – Iona Anderson

2nd Place – Hayley Yong

3rd Place – Camila Teles

Congratulations to all our Girls Masters for winter 2018.

Advanced FitNastics

Advanced FitNastics is a new class created this year. It’s a selective class that was made for our recreational gymnasts from our Girls Gym Aces and Masters class, who were wanting more out of there gymnastics but are not ready to commit to a competitive squad. They currently train 6 hours per week.

There were 5 girls competing with all competing Level 4 routines on each of the 4 apparatus. The results were as followed:

1st Place – India Pollard

2nd Place – Lily Nolan

3rd Place – Cleo Rose-Watts

Congratulations to all our Advanced FitNastics girls on a fantastic competition.

Session 2

Our 2nd Session for Time To Shine showcased our biggest division for the day, Girls Gym Pros and all our Boys Pros, Champs and Masters.

Girls Gym Pros

For our Girls Pros division, we had 36 girls competing. It was another super close division with lovely routines on all apparatus. The results were as follows:

1st Place – Georgia Clark

2nd Place – Charlotte Clark-Bruce

3rd Place – Tara Fentie

Well done to all our Girls Pros on a fantastic competition. It’s generally the slowest session of the day and the girls all showed great patience.

Boys Gym Pros, Champs and Masters

For the first time we split our Boys into two separate divisions. Our Boys Pros and Champs competed against each other in our Junior division and Boys Masters were our Senior division. It was great to see a bit more interest from boys to competed at Time To Shine Winter 2018 compared to our Time to Shine Summer competition back in 2017.

The Results were as follows:


1st Place – Riley Mcshane

2nd Place – George Kirkham

3rd Place – Tommy Erlenwein


1st Place – Lachlan Wade

2nd Place – Alex Tyson

Fantastic job by all the boys who competed, and we hope we can attract more interest from the boys for our next Time to Shine.

Session 3

Our 3rd and final session for our Winter Time To Shine had our Girls Champs competing. There were 23 girls that competed, and the competition again was super close. The results were as follows:

1st Place – Madison Dickinson

2nd Place – Olivia Zedack

3rd Place – Ava Neary

It was great to see all our Girls Champs competing with a smile on there face. Congratulations to all the girls who competed.

Scoring for all our other divisions was done as follows:

Blue – 9.5-10

Red – 9.0-9.49

Green – 8.0-8.99

Pink – 7.9 and below

It was fantastic to see all the kids enjoying themselves in a relaxed competitive environment. Its very rewarding for all the coaches to see the smile on the faces of all the kids and parents.

I’d also like to give a big thank you to all staff who worked tirelessly all day to help put together such a successful competition. It would not be possible without their help!

Kind Regards,

Blake Rogan

FitNastics Supervisor

Junior Development Report

We invited all our Junior Development competitive girls from Level 1 and 2, to compete along-side with our recreational kids at the Time to Shine Winter competition this year. The girls all did a fantastic job, supporting one another while they competed their set routines and skills required for their levels is what we appreciated the most.

From our Level 1 division our placings were as followed;

1st place – Calinda Diacopoulos

2nd place – Abigail Bures

3rd place – Sophie Journeaux

“As their coach I am so proud of efforts and support. Other competitions that they attend don’t give 1st, 2nd and 3rd placings, so receiving a trophy we could tell it was something special to take home. To the other girls who didn’t place, I am very proud for congratulating their team mates and all leaving with a smile, participation medal, certificate and sausage sizzle.” – Rylee Morton

Our Level 2 girls put on a great performance, showing off their beautiful skills and routines they work so hard on during training. The girl’s results were fantastic as for some it was only their first/ second competition ever for NNAOG.

From our Level 2 division our placings were as followed;

1st place – Indiana Passlow

2nd place – Molly Kirkham

3rd place – Alba Carter

“The girls worked really hard throughout the past couple of weeks to improve since their last competition in Newcastle. I am proud of what they achieved especially for their second competition of the year, can’t wait for the rest of year to come.” – Brehna Williams

For some it was ‘scary’ as it was their first competition with us, but as soon as we begun it was continuous fun and support! Great work Girls!

National Clubs Fundraising Success

The Level 5-10 Women’s Competitive Team hosted a raffle fundraiser at the Time to Shine competition in order to raise funds for their upcoming trip to the National Clubs Championships on the Gold Coast in September. The National Clubs Carnival is an event run by Gymnastics Australia at which any clubs from around the country can compete against each other to see which club is the best in Australia! Awards will be handed out for the different levels the gymnastics clubs compete in as well as the Women’s club of the year, Men’s club of the year and Overall Club of the year.  This will be NNAOG’s first time competing in this competition and it was our kids first time being apart of any fundraising efforts.

The gymnasts and their families sold raffle tickets throughout the Time to Shine competition to win prizes such as hampers, drum lessons, shopping vouchers, dinner vouchers, bottles of wine, 1-year water service for the home or office, movie ticket booklets and a signed Sydney Swans Jersey plus tickets to the Sydney vs Collingwood game. We also sold NNAOG merchandise such as drink bottles (which are still for sale) and training bags.

After each session of the Time to Shine competition the competitive team gymnasts performed a display for the FitNastics kids to show them some of the gymnastics they will be competing at the National Clubs Championships. They also helped to call out the raffle ticket winners who we would like to say a big congratulations to!

We currently still have squares available on our 100 board for the chance to win a FREE term of any gymnastics classes run by NNAOG and Kindygym Australia! So please see our front reception team or contact us on Facebook to put your name down.

Thank you to the following companies that donated to our fundraising efforts:

  • Sydney Swans
  • Fulcrum Technologies
  • Mona Vale Vet
  • Rain Again Water Services
  • Beat That Drumming
  • Gur Taj Indian Restaurant Collaroy
  • Harbourd Beach Club
  • Beach General Avalon